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Silver Clowns
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Murano Glass ClownsAnabay's offers new hand-blown Murano glass clowns from the island of Murano, Italy. Made by Fratelli Pitau, these collectible clowns make great gifts for that special someone. Shop securely!
Silver ClownsAnabay's offers the wonderful hand-painted silver clowns made in Italy by Mida and Leonardo Argenti. These great collectible silver clowns are a great gift for that someone special. Shop securely!

These hand-crafted clowns from Italy are made of sterling silver over molded resin. Each is hand-painted in fine detail and tarnish-protected. They have a maker's mark on them, come with a certificate of authenticity, and arrive in a nice quality gift box.  You'll love them!

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AG106 FloriAG106 Flori7 Inches Tall
AG111 Savvy SavioAG111 Savvy Savio12.5 Inches High
AG113 Bashful BiagioAG113 Bashful Biagio12 1/2 Inches High
AG114 Rabbit in HatAG114 Rabbit in Hat5 1/2 Inches Tall
AG115 With BouquetAG115 With Bouquet5 1/2 Inches Tall
AG179 Livio ClownAG179 Livio Clown6 Inches High. Actual working clock.
AG214 Lucky LucianoAG214 Lucky Luciano7 Inches High
AG215 Fabio the PhotographerAG215 Fabio the Photographer6 Inches Wide
AG216 Clown with ViolinAG216 Clown with Violin10 Inches High
AG217 Tomaso and DogsAG217 Tomaso and Dogs8 Inches long and 6 Inches High
AG218 The JugglerAG218 The Juggler5 1/2 Inches Tall
DA102 RinoDA102 Rino8 Inches High
DA106 DoctorDA106 Doctor8 Inches Tall
DA108 FiremanDA108 Fireman7 1/2 Inches Tall. 5 Inches Wide
DA184 Nino Clown in ToyboxDA184 Nino Clown in Toybox5 Inches High
DA208  Balloon ManDA208 Balloon Man7 Inches High
DA212 GinoDA212 Gino8.5 Inches High
DA220 Bowtie with Rabbit in HatDA220 Bowtie with Rabbit in HatApproximately 6 Inches Tall
DA300 The GraduateDA300 The Graduate
DA302 Baker - Sm.DA302 Baker - Sm.
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